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When someone asks me what is my favorite cruise line, Windstar will always get mentioned. The country club atmosphere with casual elegance, the small ship where you can get upclose to ports the mega cruise ships have to bypass and the freedom Windstar offers makes this an experience I always look forward to.

Northern Europe is a destination that lends itself well to a Windstar Cruise. The ability to get up close to the fjords and smaller towns make Windstar an ideal option to cruise to Northern Europe. I found this article on the Windstar blog which gives you lots of reasons and ideas on why you will want to sail on Windstar to Northern Europe. Hope you enjoy it.


Summer is the most magical time of year to visit Northern Europe, the land of the Midnight Sun. Whether you choose to cruise the Stockholm archipelago, explore the aftermath of an Icelandic volcano, savor the style of an Art Nouveau port or simply enjoy the splendor of Norway’s fjords, the wild beauty of Northern Europe is unforgettable.

A fantastic way to see Northern Europe is on a Windstar Cruise. Windstar offers you a smaller ship with fewer passengers than the large mega cruise ships. So you get a more upclose and personal experience for your vacation.

Here are seven remarkable experiences to enjoy on a Windstar cruise in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Russia or Iceland.

Cruise Geirangerfjord

There is no shortage of fjords in Norway, but Geirangerfjord stands apart. This UNESCO World Heritage Site boasts countless dramatic waterfalls, with nicknames like Seven Sisters, Bridal Veil and Suitor. The sheer cliffs, remote mountain farms and porpoises frolicking off the ship’s bow add to this fjord’s drama.

Fjords on the way to Geiranger, Norway. Photo by David Scott.

Walk through Alesund

In the midst of Norway’s natural beauty lies the coastal town of Alesund, an astonishing treasure of Art Nouveau architecture with storybook turrets, spires and lovely ornamentation. Still very much a working fishing port, Alesund is built on several islands and surrounded by snow-capped mountains. A stroll through its artfully preserved streets confirms why it’s been voted Norway’s most beautiful town.

Alesund, Norway.
At the entrance to spectacular Geirangerfjord, Alesund has been voted the most beautiful town in Norway, and not only because of its location. The town burned to the ground in 1904 and was rebuilt in Art Nouveau style, with a few added elements from Nordic mythology – a longboat here, an image of Thor there.

Explore the Vestmanna Sea Cliffs

The extraordinary wild beauty of the Faroe Islands, a self-governing Danish archipelago, is distilled at the Vestmanna Sea Cliffs, which can be easily reached by boat. Thousands of sea birds, including puffins and guillemots, inhabit the dramatic cliffs that rise 1,500 feet from the sea and the dramatic grottoes that the Windstar yacht navigates on this excursion.

Torshavn, Denmark. Photo by David Scott.

Float in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon

Cited by National Geographic as one of the “25 Wonders of the World,” the geothermal seawater springs of the Blue Lagoon are not only UNESCO-designated but have proven therapeutic powers. Soak blissfully under a bright Icelandic sky followed by a session in a sauna, a steam room or an in-water massage.

Gull Foss, Iceland. Photo by David Scott.

Attend the Ballet in St. Petersburg

Dubbed the Paris of the North, St Petersburg is famed for its majestic architecture, the long “White Nights” of summer and as the home of classical ballet. Attending a ballet at the Theatre of Musical Comedy and exploring this architectural masterpiece from 1929 with a glass of champagne in hand is a delightful way of appreciating this historic Russian city.

Go Sea Kayaking in Helsinki

One of the most remarkable ways to explore the beautiful archipelago of Helsinki is from the water, in a stable sea kayak. Just minutes from the bustle of downtown Helsinki is a peaceful world of hundreds of islands and remarkable bird life. With the expertise of a seasoned guide schooled in the archipelago history, the Finnish cultures and landscape really come to life.

Visit the Pompeii of the North

When Eldfell volcano on Heimaey Island in Iceland erupted in 1973, it was a landmark in geological history. The power and the fury of the Eldfell explosions can be seen at the Eldheimar “Pompeii of the North” Museum, which opened in 2014 to showcase the history and aftermath of the eruptions that affected the island’s 5,300 residents.

Photo by David Scott.

If You Go

Norwegian fjords, the remote Faroe Islands and the dramatic fire and ice landscape of Iceland are at the heart of Windstar’s Lands of the Midnight Sun cruise. A well-planned voyage on the Baltic Sea is how Windstar brings its seafarers to Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen on the Scandinavian Tapestry cruise. A variation on that Nordic theme is Baltic Delights, where St. Petersburg is the glittering jewel in the itinerary. Finally, for those who really want to indulge in Iceland, one of the trendiest destinations in Northern Europe, Around Iceland offers an incredible immersion in the land, the culture and the people.

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