Regent Suite

Most of our clients are used to cruising in an inside cabin, even oceanview and some wisely experience the balcony cabins when they cruise.

But have you ever seen the suites on a cruise ship? I mean the big owner-like suites? Suites bigger than your house?

Like the Regent Suite on luxury line Regent’s new Seven Seas Explorer — at 4,443 square feet, bigger than the average American home — and the sprawling Wintergarden Suites on luxury line Seabourn’s new Seabourn Encore.

Well you probably have not toured or seen them because they are reserved for those who can afford them and they rarely go on sale. Why? They sell out far in advance.

In some cases these suites are booked up to 2 years in advance at FULL PRICE!

But lucky for you USA Today just did a story on 10 cruise ship suites that will blow your mind.

Click here to see the cabins that the well to do cruise experience.

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Click below to check out the video on the Seven Seas Explorer – The Most Luxurious Cruise Ship Ever Built!